Focus Like A Camera View Your Success


When we look at everyday objects they are often reflected on by their purpose of use and  existence, A camera is an inanimate object, developed and used around the world for capturing images with a constant link from our past constantly helping to change our future.

Like a camera you focus on what’s in-front of you, and conditioned by our surroundings, we need only to focus on what important capture the good times. Remember you can always edit or just take a shot from another angle.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, chances are that you could do with a little tweaking  in the productivity area, including how to be more focused. We all do – it doesn’t matter if you’re a high-flying city broker, a blogger  working from home, or a working parent who has to juggle childcare and work.

The Bigger Picture  The lens being our eyes capturing stills and motions wherever and whenever they are opened.

The Film is the link, once stored in the memory it’s now in the past what we capture and store is priceless, so keep it safe so we can remind ourselves of the achievements.

Are they inanimate objects that relate to life and success?






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