Stop Letting Others Opinion Rule Your Life

Are we there yet?  The common adage of road trips has a whole new meaning in life.

When I’m behind the wheel of my car I like to chose my destination and follow my own path, make my own decisions, take my own short-cuts. Don’t ever criticise me when you can’t drive, telling me am making a mistake. YOU DON’T DRIVE

The problem with other people’s opinions is that they usually aren’t that well informed.
Remember it just their opinion, not fact.Those around you, even those who care for you, don’t know what you’re thinking and where you’re going as well as you do.

We must, as a society, put more thought into our actions, our opinions and our beliefs.

Don’t accept a “Broadband plan” way of thinking where you subscribe to an entire set of beliefs simply because they all seem to come in a package. You’re better than that.

Time and experience change everyone’s perspective.Thousands of years of evolution have gifted you with an intelligent,Which is why you fighting for your dreams is the most important thing you can be doing right now.

Even if they have your best interests at heart, nobody but you knows what’s best for you, or can make the really tough calls on your behalf. After all, you know the particular situation better than anyone else possibly could.

Once you stop listening to everyone else and start treating yourself like your own best friend, you’ll realize just how great your advice really is—and hopefully, you’ll take it.

The Key is to be more savvy. The trick clearly is to put yourself in the driving seat but make sure that you retain responsibility for the steering and key controls (a bit like a driving instructor!). That is not to say you should not listen to advice sometimes as that can be valuable in certain situations too, Whilst making small adjustments when needed, if and when a piece of advice you deem it critical to take to get to your destination safer or faster.

It’s never easy to ‘second guess’ and unfortunately there are no guarantees that any two ideas will follow the same path. Others can however provide you with options on which route to take and enable you to navigate as quickly and efficiently as possible to your preferred conclusion. The journey from initial response through prospect to you is one that has to be made pretty independently.

Don’t look back. Stay focused on where you are going and where you want to be.

By D Britton


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