How To Develop A New Habit

Developing New Habits

Here are the basics on developing a new habit linked to change your life by changing your habits on a previous post

  • Do it for 30 continues days, focusing on just habit at a time

If you miss one day during the 30 restart again this may be hard developing anything takes time, whether its good or a bad habit it needs to be consistent for form in to a habit..

  • Make a note of your habit,

Break an old pattern start a new one

keep it with you so you can look at it anytime this will help along with your motivations, obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them.

  • Commit fully,

You will have distractions thrown at you family work home life and more, know that you only need to stay on track for 30 days for this to embedded in your subconscious it will become second nature.

  • Write your progress and review

The one sure way to see who you are progressing will be by looking back at where you started and how far you have come, this will give you more motivation, just like quitting smoking.

  • Remain publicly accountable — report on your progress each day.
  • Have support for when you falter — either in real life or online.
  • Reward every little success.
  • If you fail, figure out what went wrong, plan for it, and try again.

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