Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight The Natural Way

Losing Weight Tips

1. Patience

Losing weight takes time, especially if it’s a lot of weight.

This isn’t a race. It’s a marathon. Instead of focusing on that big number focus on taking this journey one day at a time. Every day you wake up just focus on what actions you need to take that day.

If you have a bad, just go to bed, sleep it off, and wake up determined to make that day better than the day before.

By learning patience you’re stopping trying to get a quick win, I learned what real change means. If you’re going to be successful in your weight loss journey you have to realize it’s going to take time. Patience will teach you what change really means, not just how to lose weight.

2. Sacrifice

To lose the weight it means sacrificing the things you want. give up soda; give up fast food and junk food. give up my TV time and use that time to exercise. Instead of trying some fad diet try exercised portion control with your meals.

Making any big change in your life is going to require sacrifice. Instead of focusing on what you have to give up, focus on what you’re doing. When it comes to weight loss, your why is a long healthy life, Your why will give you the strength to stick with it, even through rough times.

3. Realistic planning

Success with weight loss means having a realistic plan. set the goal of losing pounds in one year’s time frame. Breaking that down means that you can lose pounds in a month a realistic number in your plan.

Don’t set unrealistic plans for yourself by trying to lose too much weight to fast. Don’t set unrealistic plans for any change in your life. Take some time, and put a proper plan in place before you make a big change. Stick with that plan, and you will see success.

4. Life change

You can’t look at weight loss as dieting and exercise. To have success, and continued success, you have to look at this as a lifestyle change.

By making this a life change you won’t just do what’s necessary. You’ll incorporate healthy habits into everything you do, which will give you that continued success. You won’t make those same bad decisions because that won’t be what you want for your new life.

5. Consistent exercise

Make sure you become determined to be consistent with exercising; plan 30 minutes of moderate cardio vascular exercise 3-5 times per week..

Running is hard on the body and may not be your thing, but you should incorporate consistent exercise as a habit in your life. Consistent exercise gives you more energy and teaches you discipline that you can use in every other area of your life.

6. Accountability

One of the best things you can do for weight loss, and any change in your life, is to keep yourself accountable to someone else. It can be friends or family, but have someone be there to help keep you on track.

When we try to do it alone it’s too easy to make excuses, and justify inaction. That accountable will eliminate that. Just make sure you seek out positive, supportive people. A negative person will feed into all the things that would normally hold you back.

7. Perseverance

Whether it’s losing weight , leaving a job you hate or any big change in your life, you’re going to need perseverance to get through the 1,000 times when you want to quit. The one habit successful people practice is persevering no matter what.

There will be times when you experience failure. Accept that failure for what it really is: a small bump in your journey. It doesn’t mean the journey’s over, you can totally over come anything that gets in your way. Determine right now that no matter what you’re not going to give up.


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