21 Foods And Drinks That Can Cause Fatigue

Your diet may be to blame for you feeling fatigue during the day

 There may be a reason why your energy level takes a nose dive in the afternoon? Your favorite breakfast, lunch or snack foods may have something to do with it. Dawn Napoli, R.D., says certain foods are big energy sappers. See if your favorite foods are on the list of the biggest culprits.

What you eat and how you sleep go hand in hand. Certain foods and beverages will perk you up, while others will send your brain scrambling to find the nearest place to sleep. And it’s not just huge meals and fast food grub that can cause you to nod off midday, Seemingly healthy foods can make you drowsy, too. If you’ve been feeling exceptionally tired after meals lately, you may want to consider limiting these five foods during the day.


Image result for cherries

The fruit is naturally high in the hormone melatonin, which controls your sleep and wake cycles. The extra dose of melatonin can send a signal to your body that it’s time to go to sleep, so save cherries (as well as tart cherry juice, which also has high amounts of melatonin) for an after-dinner snack instead of munching on them midday.


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Carbs cause your blood glucose levels to jump quickly (that’s why you get a sudden burst of energy). But when these glucose levels start to drop back down, you’ll likely experience an energy crash that will leave you ready for a nap. Processed carbs (like white bread) are especially problematic, while whole grain breads are less likely to leave you feeling sluggish.


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